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Bodies in action

I admire athletes’ persistence, their diligence for the everyday workout and their concentration the moment of the game. I get inspiration from photographs of athletes working out or competing as a team, group or unit. I try to capture and depict in my paintings the stiffness and strength of their bodies, the tension of the moment as well as the effort and the concentration that the moment requires.

I often choose to place my figures on a very plain and minimal surrounding and emphasize on the painted bodies or faces. Everything on the painting: shapes, colors, figures, surrounding are carefully intended and calculated. I even omit to paint their clothing so the painting overall will be characterized by an austerity almost a “Spartan austerity”.

Ladies run in pink
Ladies Run Athens
Hula hoopers
Swimmers 3 (SOLD)
Swimmers 2
Swimmers 1
Ready to dive (SOLD)
Ladies run, white line
Ladies run, start line
Dromeis 4 - Ladies Run
DromeiS 3 (SOLD)
Dromeis 2
Dromeis 1 (SOLD)
Dromeis 5
Family run1
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